Student housing in Norway

Studentbolig i Norge
When you are a student in Norway, you can find housing either through the private rental market or through a student organisation. Here you can read more about student housing in Norway.

Housing through the student organisation

All government-financed universities and university colleges are generally affiliated with a student organisation (studentsamskipnad). The task of these organisations is to satisfy primary needs relating to the study situation. The student organisations generally have housing that is only rented out to students. The student housing is often situated close to the place of study, and is cheaper than housing on the private rental market.

Most student organisations offer various types of student housing. There is generally housing for singles, couples, families and for people with disabilities. Many student organisations also have a certain number of properties reserved for students on international programmes or students coming through an exchange agreement. 

It is worthwhile applying in good time. Many of the student organisations have an annual deadline for applications for the main allocation of student accommodation at the start of programmes/courses, so it is worth finding out about the application procedure in good time. You can do this through the websites of the student organisations.

Housing through the private rental market

You can also rent housing on the private rental market. You can place and read advertisements in local newspapers and on the Internet. 

How to finance student housing

Most students receive student finance from their home countries when they are studying, and use it to pay for their housing. Many students also have part-time jobs alongside their studies. 

Housing allowance is a government-financed support scheme administered by the Norwegian State Housing Bank (Husbanken) and municipalities. Housing allowance is to help people with low incomes and high housing expenses get established or live in safe and decent housing. As a student, you are not normally eligible to apply for housing allowance, but there are exceptions. You apply through the municipal housing office (Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration, NAV, or the municipality), which can also answer general questions about the scheme.

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