International branding of the Nordic Region

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The world is turning to the Nordic Region at the moment, and branding will help draw attention to what we have in common: our Nordic perspective, our values ​​and a culture that stems from a shared history.

The minsters for Nordic co-operation commissioned the Council of Ministers’ Secretariat to draw up a strategy for the international branding and positioning of the Region. The strategy enjoys wide-ranging support in both the public and private sectors and in Nordic networks. The Secretariat runs and co-ordinates work on the strategy in dialogue with the countries.

The Nordic countries share values such as openness, trust, innovation, sustainability, and humanity. An ambitious project will now fly the flag for these and other Nordic values, and show that our countries are stronger together than on their own.

The strategy lays down strategic guidelines for how to brand the Region and its stakeholders around the world and is designed for use by all, not just by official Nordic bodies.

The world is turning to the Nordic Region at the moment. The branding projects is an effort to make this most of this attention. Launched by the five ministers for Nordic co-operation, the strategy seeks to embody Nordic values, symbols, experiences, and associations, to position the Region and differentiate it from the rest of the world.