The Norwegian Presidency programme for the Nordic Council in 2023

Jorodd Asphjell Helge Orten
Magnus Fröderberg/
The priorities for the Norwegian presidency are a safe, green and young Nordic Region. These are crucial areas in an era of war in Europe and the climate and energy crises. It’s more important than ever that we stand together as a strong Nordic community. Young people of today are the future and they’re key participants in our societies and democracies.

It’s essential that we get new energy sources in place. The Nordic Region must be a pioneering region. Security in terms of the supply of energy, food, medicine and medical equipment is key to stronger Nordic co-operation. The Norwegian presidency will follow up on the ongoing work for closer co-operation on emergency preparedness, so that the Nordic Region is better equipped in times of crisis. The presidency also wants to help promote the debate on Nordic co-operation on defence and why it’s important that all the Nordic countries are members of NATO.

We must work together to safeguard young people’s education, work, and participation in society. A safe and green Nordic Region is a prerequisite for the future of young people.