Project organisation

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The project “Branding and positioning of the Nordic Region" was commissioned by the ministers for co-operation and is embedded in the Council of Ministers.

Ownership of the project lies with the Secretary General. 

The Head of the Communications Department is responsible for ongoing work.

A project manager is in charge of the day-to-day running of the project.

An internal working group has been set up to oversee the project. Its role is to help implement the strategy and liaise between the project manager and the various departments in the Council of Ministers.

Reference group

In addition, a Nordic reference group is linked with the project. The reference group consists of one representative from each of the Nordic countries. In addition to its advisory role, the group assists the Nordic Council of Ministers with knowledge and information regarding Nordic branding initiatives and international activities. The group will also develop methods of channelling information designed to help the Nordic countries and the Council of Ministers co-ordinate their activities in relation to other stakeholders and avoid any overlap.

The group acts in an advisory capacity in relation to the formulation, implementation and follow up work on initiatives and projects that relate to the strategy for the international branding of the Region.

Members of the reference group: 

Sima Al-khafaji and Meira Pappi, Finland

Hanne Brusletto, Norway

Per Sjönell and Elenore Kanter, Sweden

Sveinn Birkir Björnsson, Iceland

Christine Pii Hansen, Denmark

Pall Nolsøe, Faroe Islands

Tanny Por, Greenland

Tiina Björklund, Aaland