Gastronomy solutionists from four continents at EAT 2019

05.06.19 | News
Sustainable gastronomy at EAT2019

Claus Meyer, founder of New Nordic Food Movement, together with Kamilla Seidler, former head chef at Gustu Bolivia, at the Munchies Festival in New York 

Can gastronomy help to address some of the most pressing global challenges? The Nordic Food Policy Lab, Hivos, WWF, Slow Food International, IFOAM, Ethos Mexico and FUCOGA think so. Join us to meet pioneers and frontrunners from four continents sharing behind-the-scenes insights and strategies!

During the upcoming international summit for the future of food, EAT Stockholm Food Forum 2019, the Nordic Food Policy Lab, Hivos and a group of five international civil society organizations* will host a dynamic side-event on how the art of food can address the Sustainable Development Goals on 12 June. The event is open for everyone. 

Starting a revolution from the kitchen

During The power of gastronomy to democratize healthy food within planetary boundaries side-event, five key figures in the world of sustainable gastronomy will speak about their ground-breaking initiatives:

  • National Plan for Healthy and Sustainable Gastronomy in Costa Rica – Alfredo Echeverría, FUCOGA (Costa Rica Gastronomic Foundation)
  • Sustainable gastronomy initiatives in South Africa – Themba Austin Chauke, Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity
  • New Generation of Indonesian Cooking – Christine Effendy, New Generation of Indonesian Cooking
  • Regional Food Heritage initiatives in Bolivia – Mauricio López, Bolvian Gastronomy Integration Movement (MIGA)
  • Impacts a decade after the introduction of New Nordic Kitchen Manifesto – Chef Claus Meyer, Founder of New Nordic Food Movement

Mapping global initiatives

For the first time ever, Nordic Food Policy Lab and Hivos have carried out a global mapping of sustainable gastronomy initiatives that span six different continents. Over 100+ initiatives have already been mapped.

The map will be launched at the EAT Stockholm Food Forum.

What is sustainable gastronomy?

Gastronomic initiatives are being implemented as a means of addressing social, environmental and economic challenges such as unemployment, gender equality and unbalanced diets that are missing the mark on planetary and human health.

Ten guiding principles guiding the definition of sustainable gastronomy were developed during the 2nd Global Conference of the Sustainable Food Systems Programme of the UN One Planet Network in February 2019.

* This side-event is organized by Nordic Food Policy Lab of the Nordic Council of Ministers, Hivos, WWF, Slow Food International, IFOAM and Ethos Mexico.