Nominations for the Nordic Council Music Prize 2018

31.05.18 | News
Temabild Musikpriset 2018
The Adjudication Committee has nominated 13 works for the Nordic Council Music Prize 2018. The nominated works were announced during the Bergen International Festival in Norway on 31 May.



Faroe Islands






Winner announced on 30 October

The winner of the Nordic Council Music Prize and DKK 350,000 will be announced on 30 October at the Oslo Opera House in conjunction with the Session of the Nordic Council.

Nordic Council Music Prize

The Nordic Council Music Prize is awarded for musicianship of the highest standard, to a piece by a living composer one year and to an ensemble or group the next.

About the Nordic Council prizes

The Nordic Council awards five prizes each year – for literature, film, music, the environment, and children’s and young people’s literature. The purpose of the Nordic Council prizes is to raise interest in the Nordic cultural community and Nordic co-operation on the environment, as well as to recognise outstanding artistic and environmental efforts. The prizes help to elevate and give visibility to Nordic co-operation.