29.06.22 | Information

    The Nordic Council

    First and foremost, the Nordic Council’s politicians are driven by the desire to make the Nordic region one that people want to live and work in. This is also the primary objective of the ideas and proposals for co-operation that are borne out of the Nordic Council.

    30.06.22 | News

    Sustainability Committee: “Nordic production of oil and gas must be reduced in the long run”

    Against the backdrop of the shrinking Greenland ice sheet, the Nordic Sustainability Committee met in Ilulissat to adopt a position on several proposals with a bearing on the climate crisis. The committee began the sensitive discussion on reducing the production of fossil fuels in the N...

    29.06.22 | News

    Cosmetic surgery sector is like the wild west

    The Committee for Welfare in the Nordic Region recommends that the Nordic governments tighten up their legislation so that only professionals in the health sector are allowed to perform cosmetic procedures. The aim is to improve patient safety.