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Here you can read about what to bear in mind when buying goods and services in Åland, for example mobile phone and internet subscriptions. You can also read about TV licences, electricity contracts and who you should contact if you experience problems.

In Åland it is sometimes necessary for the buyer to have a Finnish personal identity number to enter into certain contracts. If you don’t have a Finnish personal identity number, this can also limit your use of certain services. The same consumer protection and company laws apply in Åland as in Finland. For more detailed information read the following:

Even if the laws are the same, the companies offering the same services are not necessarily the same in Åland and Finland. Below is a brief presentation of the companies offering landline telephone services, mobile and internet subscriptions, electricity contracts as well as how to pay the TV licence fee in Åland and consumer advice in Åland.

Mobile contracts

Mobile broadband is offered by Ålcom and Telia throughout Åland.

Telephone subscriptions for landline telephone services

Åland is divided up as follows regarding operators offering households landline subscriptions:

Ålands Telefon offers landline telephone services in mainland Åland and Vårdö, except for Möckelö and Kalmarnäs.

Mariehamns Telefon offers landline telepnone services in Mariehamn and Föglö, Möckelö and Kalmarnäs.

Telia offers landline telephone services in Mariehamn and surroundings.

Open internet subscriptions

Ålcom offers fixed broadband in all municipalities except Sottunga.

Telia offers fixed broadband in Mariehamn.

Brändö-Kumlinge fibernät offers broadband in its municpalities. There are two operators providing internet connections to the Brändö-Kumlinge fibernät network, Ålcom or IP-Connect.

TV licence fee in Åland

The TV licence fee is currently 220 € a year and is paid by every household with at least one TV set. You do not pay more if you have more TV sets. If you do not live in Åland permanently, but you have a TV in your summer cottage, you must pay the TV licence fee if you spend more than three months a year in your summer cottage. The TV licence fee gives you eight radio channels and ten digital TV channels.

The Government of Åland has been responsible for all aspects of the TV licence fee since 1 January 2017. Contact the TV licence fee administrator of the Government of Åland if you have questions about the TV licence fee.

Electricity contracts

As a resident you need to make an electricity contract unless agreed otherwise with your landlord or the housing company. You can make a contract without a Finnish personal identity number. The electricity supplier will ask for your date of birth, nationality, email address and/or passport number.

Mariehamns Energi provides all households with electricity in Mariehamn as well as all of the Järsö area and parts of Jomala. Ålands elandelslag provides electricity to the rest of Åland.

Green electricity

Choosing green electricity supports the development of environmentally friendly electricity production. To get certified electricity, you should make a separate contract . Contact Mariehamns energi or Ålands elandelslag if you want to have green electricity.

Typical question:

If I choose to buy green electricity, how do I know that my electricity really is green?

Answer: You can get certified electricity from Mariehamns Energi by making a separate contract. Under the law, all electricity companies selling green electricity must be able to show that the company actually produces or procures the same amount of green electricity as it sells.


Problem situations

If you have problems, you should contact the Åland Consumer Rights Advisor. The Åland Consumer Rights Advisor provides information and advice to consumers and companies on consumer rights and responsibilities, mediates in disputes between consumers and companies and provides advice in issues including housing and real estate transactions.

Contact the authorities

If you have questions for a consumer advisor, you can contact the Åland Consumer Rights Advisor, which provides free guidance  and mediation in disputes.

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