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Here you can read about what to bear in mind when buying goods and services in Åland, for example mobile phone and internet contracts. You can also read about TV licences, electricity contracts and who you should contact if you experience problems.

In Åland it is sometimes necessary for the buyer to have a Finnish personal identity number to make certain service contracts. If you don’t have a Finnish personal identity number, this can also limit your use of certain services.

The same consumer protection and company laws apply in Åland as in Finland. See below for more details:

Even though the laws are the same, the companies offering the same services are not necessarily the same in Åland and Finland. Below is a list of the companies offering landline telephone services, mobile and internet subscriptions, electricity contracts as well as information on consumer advice in Åland.

Mobile contracts

Ålcom and Telia provide mobile broadband throughout Åland.

Telephone contracts for landline telephone services

In Åland the following operators offer domestic landline telephone contracts:

Broadband in Åland

Media fee in Åland

The TV licence fee in Åland has been replaced by an annual media fee. This has been in place since 1 January 2021 and the media fee is charged together with income tax.
You can read about who has to pay the media fee, the amount and the taxation procedure on the Finnish Tax Administration’s website. In point 2.1 of the link below, “Obligation for individuals to pay the media fee”, you can also read about the rules that apply if you have moved to Åland from another country during the tax year. 

Electricity contracts

As a resident you need to make an electricity contract unless agreed otherwise with your landlord or the housing company. You can make an electricity contract without a Finnish personal identity number. The electricity supplier will ask for your date of birth, nationality, email address and/or passport number.

Mariehamns Energi supplies electricity to all households in Mariehamn as well as all of the Järsö area and parts of Jomala. Ålands elandelslag supplies electricity to the rest of Åland.

Green electricity

Choosing green electricity supports the development of environmentally friendly electricity generation. You need to make a separate contract to get certified electricity. Contact Mariehamns energi or Ålands elandelslag if you want to have green electricity.

Typical question:

If I choose to buy green electricity, how do I know that my electricity really is green?

Answer: You can get certified electricity from Mariehamns Energi by making a separate contract. Under the law, all electricity companies selling green electricity must be able to show that the company actually produces or procures the same amount of green electricity as it sells.

If you have problems

If you have problems, you should contact the Åland Consumer Rights Advisor. The Åland Consumer Rights Advisor provides information and advice to consumers and companies on consumer rights and responsibilities, mediates in disputes between consumers and companies and provides advice in issues including housing and real estate transactions.

Contact the authority

If you have questions for a consumer advisor, you can contact the Åland Consumer Rights Advisor, which provides free guidance and mediation in disputes.

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