Information for persons with disabilities moving to Åland

Information för personer med funktionsnedsättning
Here you will find information for persons with disabilities planning to move to Åland.

Åland comprises 16 municipalities, both large and small, with different economic situations. In some municipalities there are apartments for persons with disabilities. Whether you get an apartment depends very much on which municipality you move to and what type of apartment you can live in. 

Before moving

Before you move you should contact the social services in the municipality in Åland you are going to move to. They will give you information about what support the municipality can offer you. Åland has 16 municipalities:

Ålands handikappförbund

Ålands handikappförbund (Åland Disability Federation) is a joint organisation for disability and patient associations in Åland. Its role is to monitor and take action in disability matters, provide information on disabilities, support and assist member associations and maintain a joint office. On the federation’s website you can also find links to all their member associations in Åland.

More information

Webpages of the Government of Åland on disabilities:

Contact the authority

If you have questions about the rights of persons with disabilities, you can contact Ålands handikappförbund

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