Student housing in Finland

Opiskelija-asunnot Suomessa
Here you will find information about the various forms of student accommodation and organisations providing student housing in different locations.

All persons studying for a basic upper secondary qualification and undergraduates are entitled to apply for student housing.

In Finland there is strong demand for vacant student housing, especially at the start of the autumn term. In some localities exchange students have their own student housing quota, which educational institutions rent from student housing organisations.

You apply for student housing from the student housing organisations. In addition to local student housing associations, a number of other organisations also rent student housing. Educational institutions can give you information on organisations providing housing. Residents’ selection criteria vary.

Some educational institutions also have their own halls of residence. Students entitled to student financial aid and living in an educational institution’s hall of residence receive less student housing supplement than those in ordinary rented accommodation.

You can ask your educational institution or SOA - the Finnish Associations of Student Housing Organisations for the contact details of organisations providing student housing.

Types of student housing

Rooms in shared apartments

Rents for rooms in shared apartments are considerably lower than normal rents, especially in the large cities. Rooms in shared apartments are generally unfurnished, and the bathroom and kitchen are often shared between a few students. It is possible to get rooms with basic furnishing for short-term accommodation, such as for exchange students.


Studios are intended for one student. They are a more expensive type of housing and are harder to get. The number of studios is limited, so you almost always have to go on a waiting list. It is easier to get a studio on the private market, but then the prices are often higher.

Roomie apartments

You can rent a roomie apartment with friends, where the group have the use of the entire apartment. In addition to bedrooms and a kitchen, some apartments also have a shared living room.

Family apartments

Family apartments generally have 2-3 rooms and a kitchen/kitchenette. The apartments are intended for couples and families with children. You can apply for a family apartment if one partner is studying. Family apartments are often close to facilities appreciated by families with children, such as play parks and day care centres.

Housing benefits for students

As of 1 August 2017, the main form of housing benefit for students living in Finland is general housing allowance. Foreigners can get general housing allowance if they are covered by the Finnish social security system.

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