Hungry for change? Join us for lunch talks in Stockholm

22.11.19 | News
 Serving up solutions to the 2030 Agenda: Food as a golden opportunity
Johannes Berg
How can we eat good and do good? Can healthy food save the planet? What’s the future of farming? Join us for tasty lunch talks at Norrsken House in Stockholm featuring visionaries like Gustav Johansson, Renée Voltaire and Ayhan Aydin who are bringing new perspectives on how to accelerate a transformation towards more sustainable diets. There are limited seats so hurry to make sure you get a chance to meet your favorite speaker!

Food is connected to all of the SGDs and the interest in Nordic know-how on how citizen-driven actions and policies can catalyse the transformation of food systems is growing. Food is also high on the agenda. Several events will be taking place under the overarching theme of “Taste the transition” during the Nordic Climate Action Weeks in Stockholm, which runs in parallel to the UN Climate negotiations. Not only will you get the chance to discuss climate action with experts, ministers, NGOs and the climate-concerned public, you’ll also experience the virtual backdoor into COP25 in Madrid.

Food as climate action – one meal at a time

The following 10 lunch talks will take place over the course of two weeks. Each session will feature chefs, visionaries and experts for a delicious disruption in food.  All the talks will take place at Norrsken House between 12.30-13.30 and will be accompanied by a vegan lunch from Pepstop.


It’s free of charge to join the events, but please note that there are a limited number of seats.  In order to secure your spot, you must register to get a ticket. Don’t forget to bringing your confirmation along with you to the event. See you soon!

Sign up and see the detailed schedule on the links below:


2 December: ”Bonde söker bönder” explores the Future of Farming

  • Organic farmer Adam Arnesson & Elin Röös, researcher at SLU  Sign up here!


3 December: Climate and biodiversity on the plate

  • Anna Richert, Expert Sustainable Food, WWF SwedenSign up!


4 December: Cities championing a Diet for a Green Planet

  • Sara Jervfors, Lead on public meals Södertälje and project manager Matlust Sign up!


5 December: Change the world with a knife and a fork!

  • Renée Voltaire, Food visionary and entrepreneur Sign up!


6 December: ReGeneration: youth food and climate activism

  • Emil Vincentz, youth activist and founder of Symplistic  Sign up!


9 December: What does it mean to innovate from old food traditions?

  • Ayhan Aydin, Meal ecologist at Nordisk Matutveckling Sign up!


10 December: What should we eat to stay within planetary boundaries?

  • Amanda Wood (PhD), Researcher at Stockholm Resilience Centre Sign up!


11 December: Perspectives on new food consumption and production trends: is the future plant-based, circular and regenerative?

  • Anders Wijkman, Opinion leader and author Sign up!


12 December: How to eat good and do good?

  • Gustav Johansson, Chef, Jävligt gott (Swedens largest vegan food blog) Sign up!


13 December: The power of taste

  • Per Styregård, Author and food journalist Sign up!


Soundbites as starter or dessert

If you can’t participate or if it’s difficult to choose between the many interesting lunch-events, don’t despair! Most of the guests and themes of the lunch talks program will also be covered in a new podcast series in collaboration the Nordic FoodTech podcast hosted by Analisa Winther.  Listen in and get ready to start new conversations about food as climate action. 

Hosted by Nordic Food Policy Lab, Nordic Council of Ministers

The Museum of Food simulates a future where some of our favourite foods from our daily lives are gone, and it was an important element when staging the discussions at Nordic Food Day at COP23 in Bonn 2017. The Museum of Food is an collaboration by Nordic Food Policy Lab x Art Rebels. More on: