Bank account in Denmark

Bankkonto i Danmark
Here you can read what is required in order to open a bank account or take out a bank loan in Denmark.

Opening a bank account

Anyone who is registered as a resident in Denmark or receiving pay for work in Denmark is entitled to have a bank account in a Danish bank. This also applies to persons who are legally resident in an EU member state or EEA country.

However, a bank may in certain cases refuse to create a bank account. This applies if:

  • The user cannot demonstrate a genuine interest in opening a basic payment account
  • The user already has a payment account in Denmark which makes it possible to use the services listed in section 9, unless the user declares that he or she has been notified that this payment account will be closed
  • The user has carried out punishable offences against the bank, and the bank therefore wishes to prevent the user from abusing his or her right to access a basic payment account, or
  • The user has caused offence or inconvenience to the bank's other customers or employees.

Credit cards and loans

It is up to the banks to decide whether they wish to issue credit cards or provide loans. It is therefore important that you talk to the bank about your possibilities.


All persons resident in Denmark must have a so-called ‘NemKonto’.

This is an ordinary bank account that the public authorities and certain companies can use when they need to pay money to you.

Such payments might for example include a family allowance, pension, transfer income or tax rebate.

You must notify your bank of which of your accounts will be used as your NemKonto.

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