Cars in the Faroe Islands

Bil på Færøerne
Here you can obtain an overview of what you need to be aware of when taking your car in or out of the Faroe Islands.

Taking your car to the Faroe Islands

If you move to the Faroe Islands, your car must as a general rule be registered within 14 days after the move. Within the same 14-day period, the car must be inspected and approved by the Faroese road vehicle inspection authority, Akstovan.

Before your car can be registered, you must pay registration tax, CO2 tax, road tax, prepayment for scrapping and a licence plate fee, and you must take out car insurance.

Road tax is payable twice a year, on 2 January and 1 July. If you fail to pay on time, Akstovan may impose extra charges, and if these are not paid, the police will remove your car's licence plates. The road tax is determined on the basis of CO2 emissions, use, weight and engine power.

If you are going to be in the Faroe Islands for less than a year, you can apply to Akstovan for permission to drive in the Faroe Islands with your foreign-registered car. You can find the application form for this permission, and the conditions that apply to it, on the Akstovan website. You must for example get your employer to confirm to Akstovan how long you will be in the Faroe Islands, and the purpose of your stay. You will still have to pay road tax and insurance in the country from which you come, and you must keep your foreign licence plates while you are in the Faroe Islands.

For more information on rules, procedures, pricing, etc., see the Akstovan website:

If you have any other questions, it is recommended that you send an email to:

Taking your car out of the Faroe Islands

If you own a vehicle registered in the Faroe Islands, the road vehicle inspection authority Akstovan must be notified if you are out of the country for a period of more than five months. This must be done within 14 days after the move or departure.

In special cases, Akstovan may allow the vehicle to remain under Faroese registration, provided that the rules of the country of arrival allow it, and provided that:

  • The statutory liability insurance is in order  
  • Road taxes have been paid as required  
  • Residence changes have been notified to Akstovan 
  • The car has undergone the statutory inspections

It is recommended that you familiarise yourself with the rules on car registration before the transfer or move takes place.

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