Folk high schools in Sweden

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Are you considering studying at a folk high school in Sweden? This article gives you an insight into the application procedure, the costs, and what applies for non-Swedish citizens who want to attend a Swedish folk high school.

Folk high schools are a unique form of education found in the Nordic countries, including Sweden. In Swedish they are called “Folkhögskolor”.

Folk high schools focus on promoting creativity, social skills, and personal development. The schools focus on personal development and learning without grades and qualifications. They offer an open and inspiring learning environment for students of all ages.

What do Swedish folk high schools offer?

Folk high schools in Sweden are known for their versatility and diversity. They offer a broad spectrum of courses and activities, including music, art, photography, writing, handicrafts, sport, social engagement, global development work, IT, healthy lifestyles, and much more. There are also two folk high schools in Sweden with Nordic specialisations.

On the general courses at folk high schools, you can improve your skills and knowledge and qualify for higher education.

How do you apply to a folk high school in Sweden?

Applying to a folk high school in Sweden is normally a simple process. On the general courses there are normally no formal admission requirements in terms of grades or qualifications. Students begin at different levels depending on their circumstances and earlier studies. On the specialist courses, there may sometimes be specific admission requirements, such as earlier studies or tests.

Most schools have a continuous application period, and you can apply online. You must normally complete an application form and possibly take part in a discussion or present a personal application. It is important to choose a school and a course that suits your interests and goals.

What does it cost to stay at a Swedish folk high school?

Tuition at folk high schools in Sweden is free of charge. However, you must pay for teaching materials, study trips, lunch, coffee, etc.

Many folk high schools offer accommodation. If you choose to study on a residential course, you must also pay for other costs, including food and board.

Costs vary between schools, depending on the school and the course. However, it is important to point out that folk high schools are generally affordable, and offer various finance options.

Can people from other countries apply to a folk high school in Sweden?

Yes, definitely! Folk high schools in Sweden welcome students from all over the world. All tuition is free of charge, even for foreign students. This is a fantastic opportunity to experience the Swedish culture, while developing your skills and interests.

Folk high schools in Sweden enable you to explore your passions, meet new people, and create memories for life. Regardless of whether you are a Swedish or international student, these schools offer a unique platform for personal development and learning. So think about taking the next step and applying to a folk high school in Sweden, where adventure and learning go hand in hand.

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