Adult education in Sweden

Voksenuddannelse i Sverige
Read about adult education in Sweden.


Adult education is called ‘Komvux’ in Sweden. Komvux consists of three school forms: municipal adult education, special education for adults, and an education in Swedish for immigrants. The adult education course you choose should be based on your needs and circumstances.

The main purpose of Komvux is to enable you to supplement your upper secondary or secondary education. You can read about Komvux on the website Alla Studier.

Komvux in Sweden when you live abroad

You do not need to be registered in the Swedish Population Register to study at Komvux. If you live in one of the other Nordic countries or in the Faroe Islands, Greenland or Åland and want to study at Komvux, distance learning is a possibility.

However, you must have acquired, through your earlier education in your home country, qualifications deemed to be equivalent to Swedish secondary education or to an  adult education. If you satisfy this requirement, you can apply on the same terms as applicants in the municipality where the education programme is located.

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