Researchers and grant recipients in Finland

Tutkijat ja apurahansaajat Suomessa
Here you will find information on what rules apply to persons who receive grants from Finland or other countries for scientific research or artistic activity.

Grant from Finland

If you get a grant from Finland for scientific research or artistic activity taking place in Finland and the work will last at least four months, you must take out statutory pension and accident insurance. In Finland, statutory pension and accident insurance cover for grant recipients is handled by the Farmers' Social Insurance Institution Mela.

Foreign grant recipients working in Finland are insured if they have received a grant from Finland and are covered by Finnish social security.

Persons coming to work in Finland from the Nordic countries and other EU and EEA countries are covered by Finnish social security if their work lasts more than four months. Persons coming from other countries must make a separate application to the Social Insurance Institution of Finland (Kela) for access to Finnish social security.

Grant from Finland, working abroad?

If you work abroad on a Finnish grant, you should check separately with Mela that you will keep your insurance cover. Coverage is valid if the grant recipient is still covered by Finnish social security while working abroad. The decision on whether a person is covered by Finnish social security is made either by the Finnish Centre for Pensions or Kela.

If you are receiving a salary from a foreign entity as well as a grant, you are covered by social security in the country of employment.

Grant from abroad

Persons receiving a grant from abroad cannot get pension insurance from Mela. Persons receiving a grant from abroad but living in Finland need to contact the institution responsible for pension insurance in their country of departure.

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