Nordic Solutions to Global Challenges

Nordic Solutions to Global Challenges is a joint initiative by the Prime ministers of the Nordic countries. We want to invite the world to share Nordic knowledge and experiences of six priority flagship projects. These Nordic solutions will be effective tools in our common work to reach the United Nations Sustainability Goals before the year 2030.

Nordic Solutions to Global Challenges is an initiative by the prime ministers from the most integrated region in the world. The Nordic Region promotes sustainability and progress toward the UN Sustainability Goals, sharing knowledge of three themes: Nordic Green, the Nordic Gender Effect and Nordic Food & Welfare.

In October 2015, the prime ministers of the Nordic countries took the decision to launch a new initiative focused on Nordic solutions to global societal challenges. The Nordic countries have long striven to create more sustainable societies.

The purpose is to promote such Nordic solutions and innovations, that address some of the most pressing global issues. The prime ministers want to share knowledge of six flagship projects on the themes Nordic Green, the Nordic Gender Effect and Nordic Food & Welfare.

By mobilising a wide range of policy experts, researchers, private-sector players as well as Nordic embassies, export councils and international stakeholders, the flagship projects respond to the increased global interest in Nordic sustainability policies and products.

 Launch of Nordic Solutions to Global Challenges - Erna Solberg, Lars Løkke Rasmussen og Stefan Löfven
Silje Katrine Robinson/

Nordic Gender Effect

The Nordic Gender Effect at Work showcases Nordic investments in gender equality – solutions for parental leave, childcare, work flexibility and equity in leadership – and advocates for the economic and social benefits of gender equality at work

Nordic Food & Welfare

Nordic Food Policy Lab disseminates lessons learned from Nordic policies on nutrition, food waste and New Nordic Food, involving consumers in a transition to more sustainable food systems.

Nordic Welfare Solutions builds co-operation between export promotion organisations and business clusters to promote, showcase and export solutions within identified Nordic strongholds such as digital health and sustainable hospitals.


Nordic Sustainable Cities concentrates on building networks and exporting sustainable solutions for urban development in close collaboration with national agencies and business.

Nordic Energy Solutions seeks to share Nordic energy models and know-how with regional energy markets in different parts of the world and assist in the design of renewable energy systems and attractive markets.

Nordic Climate Solutions focuses on Fossil Fuel Subsidy Reform (FFSR) and how progressive Nordic solutions in environmental economics, green technology and environmental policy can be deployed in the developing world.