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Helsinki 10.11.2021: Nordic Council Day

Island and sea with sunshine
Mika Korhonen
The Nordic Council represents the parliamentary cooperation in the Nordics. They will focus on the crucial role of parliamentarians, as well as youth, local action and engagement.

Organizer: Nordic Council.


All times are EET.

11.30 - 13.00: Awareness without action is worthless – political commitment to climate change action

JOINT EVENT (Helsinki - Glasgow)

Organizer: Nordic Council

Major policy reforms are required to become frontrunners in decarbonisation. Have Nordic parliamentarians responded with the necessary urgency and how can the Nordic Region become a permanent and global showcase for climate solutions?

13.15 - 14.00: Can farmers be at the forefront of the green transition?

Organizer: Nordic Council

This is a lunch talk where you meet one of the nominees to the Nordic Council Environment Price 2021: Carbon Action from Finland. Welcome to listen to Eliisa Malin, farmer and designer at Carbon Action, and at the same time, eat lunch made of local, seasonal ingredients from regenerative producers. There are limited seats for this event, so hurry to make sure you get a lunch!

14.00 - 14.30: Live from Glasgow - Daily briefing

Daily briefing from the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) negotiations. Tune in!

14.30 - 16.00: We have a dream – solutions and demands by young people

JOINT EVENT (Helsinki - Glasgow)

Organiser: Nordic Council

During this event, you will get to know our dreams through personal stories and the presentation of the Mock COP Treaty, containing 18 climate policies agreed on by young people from more than 140 countries, and the Nordic Youth Position Paper on Biodiversity, with 19 action points to save biodiversity.

16.30 - 17.45: Sustainability for whom?

JOINT EVENT (Helsinki - Glasgow)

Organizer: Nordic Council

The rights of traditional and local communities need to be safeguarded as demand for land and minerals increases. Some traditional livelihoods are facing challenges due to climate change and developments of climate-friendly solutions. How do we ensure the rights of local communities when designing climate policies?


All events will be streamed by We Don’t Have Time and some events will be shown in the NCM channels on YouTube and Facebook.