19.06.19 | News

Ny vision för det nordiska samarbetet

En global föregångare när det gäller klimat och hållbarhet och en ännu mer integrerad region än hittills - det är de nordiska samarbetsministrarnas syn på vad som skall vara de centralaste målen för den gemensamma nordiska politiken under det kommande decenniet. Visionen lyfter fram sa...

27.04.19 | News

Education gets refugees into work

A new report takes a close look at the performance of Denmark, Sweden, and Norway in helping refugees to access the labour market and the efforts behind this. Education has been shown to be effective in Norway and Sweden.

02.11.16 | Declaration

Nordic Declaration on the Recognition of Qualifications Concerning Higher Education The Reykjavik Declaration (Revised 2016)

The Nordic region is an open area in terms of education, training and the labour market. Nordic co-operation in these fields is broad, deep and unique, and must be maintained and extended.

29.04.19 | Information

The competencies of the future

The idea behind the agenda for the competencies of the future is to better prepare people of all ages for the society that lies ahead. We want everybody in the Nordic Region to have the knowledge and skills to cope with a more complex future. Perhaps just as importantly, we also want th...