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Here you can read about opening a bank account in Åland and the ID documents needed to open a bank account, as well as information on the conditions for issuing payment cards and bank loans.

Payments in Åland are in euros, but you can also pay with Swedish crowns or credit cards. You can find the general rules in the section Bank accounts in Finland.

What ID documents do banks in Åland recognise?

Banks always check your identity, which means you must have an ID document with you that the bank recognises. Some banks accept a Nordic driving licence as ID, but only for other business, not for opening an account. Bank of Åland only recognises Finnish driving licences as ID for other business. Check the situation with the banks themselves. OP Cooperative Bank and Nordea have webpages that explain what ID documents are accepted. This also applies to documents produced by authorities in other countries. 

Opening a bank account

If you are legally resident in an EU country, you have the right to open a payment account at a bank. A payment account is an account where you can pay in, transfer and withdraw money. It is an ordinary account that you can get your wages paid into. (This also includes having a payment card so you can use the account).

A bank cannot turn down your request for an account just because you do not live in the country. This right does not apply to all types of account, for example savings accounts. If you want to use your bank account online, you need to have a Finnish personal number (personal identity code). You can get a personal number at the Local Registry Office in Åland.
The following banks have offices in Åland that you can visit:

Can a bank turn me down for an account?

You can be refused a bank account if you infringe the EU’s rules on money laundering and financing terrorism. In some EU countries you can be refused a basic payment account if you already have a similar account with another bank in the same country. If you apply for a bank account in a country other than the one you live in, the bank may in some cases ask you to demonstrate that you actually have a reason to open an account. The reason could be that you live in one country but work in another.

Payment cards and loans

The banks themselves decide whether to issue payment cards or grant loans. It is recommended that you consult your regular bank to get an overview of the possibilities and offers available. The banks are not able to carry out credit checks beyond the borders of the Nordic countries.

The Consumer Disputes Board can issue general recommendations for solving disputes between consumers and traders. Åland has its own Consumer Disputes Board 

More information

Contact the authority

If you have consumer advice questions, you can contact the Office of the Åland Ombudsman

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