Guide: moving to Finland

Tjekliste når du flytter til Sverige
This guide contains information you should take into account if you are planning to move to Finland.

If you move to Finland, you need to notify your move to various authorities. Moving to Finland may also affect social security benefits, healthcare and taxation. There is also information on the right of residence and the right to work, electronic identification, housing, insurance and banking services, language courses and bringing removal goods, a car and pets to Finland.

If you are moving to Finland for work or study, check out the following guides too.

Right of residence and right to work in Finland

Nordic citizens do not need a residence or employment permit in Finland. There are certain conditions, however, for citizens of non-Nordic EU and EEA countries and other countries. Find out more on the page Right of residence and right to work in Finland.

Notifying a move, population registration and personal identity codes in Finland

Find out more about notifying a move on the page Population registration in Finland.

If you move to Finland permanently, you get a Finnish personal identity code after notifying your move. In some cases you can also get a Finnish personal identity code if you move to Finland temporarily. Find out more on the page Personal identity code in Finland.

Electronic identification (e-ID) in Finland

Finnish electronic identifiers, such as online banking codes, the Citizen Certificate and Mobile ID, require a Finnish personal identity code. Find out more on the page Electronic identification (e-ID) in Finland

Social security and healthcare in Finland

Simply moving to Finland does not mean that you are entitled to Finnish social security benefits. When you apply for benefits, the Finnish Social Insurance Institution (Kela), which is responsible for basic security in Finland, will assess whether you are permanently resident in Finland or whether you are entitled to Kela benefits on the basis of your employment. 


You can only be covered by social security in one country at a time. You are usually covered by social security in your country of employment. If you are not in work, you are generally covered by the social security system in your country of residence. Find out more on the pages Finnish social security if you live or work in Finland and Which country's social security system are you covered by?


If you live or work in Finland, you are entitled to health services. If you are a temporary resident in Finland you are also entitled to certain services. You also have the right to seek treatment in another Nordic country from Finland or in Finland from another Nordic country. Find out more on the page Right to healthcare services in Finland.

Taxation in Finland

You can find information on taxation in Finland on the page Taxation in Finland. The Nordic tax portal  Nordisk eTax also contains useful information on taxation in the Nordic countries. 

Housing in Finland

You can find information on types of housing, looking for a home and housing allowance on the page Housing in Finland.

Other points to remember

Below you will find guidance on bringing in removal goods, pets and a car as well as on language courses, banking and making various types of contracts.

Bringing removal goods and pets to Finland

You can find answers to questions about removal goods on the page Customs rules in Finland. You can find information on travelling with pets on the page  Travelling to Finland with dogs or cats.

Cars and driving licences

Questions about importing and registering a car are dealt with on the page Vehicles in Finland. 

Driving licences issued in another Nordic country are also valid in Finland. Find out more on the page Driving licences in Finland.

Language courses in Finland

Beginners’ and advanced courses in Finnish are organised all over the country, for example in adult education centres, which can be found in almost all municipalities in Finland. Find out more on the page Language courses in Finland.

Bank accounts and home loans in Finland

You can find information on opening a bank account and on security for a home loan on the page Bank accounts in Finland.

Insurance in Finland

For information on home and motor insurance, as well as voluntary insurance such as travel and accident insurance, see the page Insurance in Finland.

Buying goods and services in Finland

You can find information on making telephone, internet and electricity contracts on the page Buying goods and services in Finland.

Moving to Finland from another Nordic country?

If you are moving to Finland from another Nordic country, also take a look at our guides on moving from that country.

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