Guide: Moving from Denmark

Flytte fra Danmark til udlandet
Here you can read about the most important things to bear in mind if you are planning to move from Denmark to another Nordic country

Notify the national register

If you are moving to another country, you must report this to the national register in the municipality in which you are registered. Everyone who moves abroad must be deregistered from the national register (CPR) when they move out of the country.

You must report your relocation to the national register no later than five days after you have moved. If you fail to report the relocation, you may receive a fine.

Stays of less than six months

If you will be staying abroad for less than six months, you can ask the national register to continue to register you as resident in Denmark.

However, this usually requires that you have full disposal over your Danish residence throughout the period. This is not the case if your residence is sublet, loaned to others or rented out.

If you do not have full disposal over your residence, the municipality may make a specific assessment of whether you can still be registered as resident in Denmark.

Home at weekends and on holiday

If, due to your work, you spend more than six months abroad, but spend most of your weekends, days off and holidays at your residence in Denmark, you also have the right to remain registered as resident in this country.

The same rule applies to your spouse/partner and children, if they accompany you abroad.

Moving to another Nordic country

If you are moving from Denmark to Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland or the Faroe Islands, you must report this prior to your departure to the national register in the municipality in which you are registered.

You must also report your relocation to the local registration authority in the country to which you are moving within the deadline for notification of relocation in the country concerned.

You must bring identification, including documentation of your citizenship (passport), and state your social security number and your previous address in Denmark.

The national register in the municipality in Denmark from which you have moved cannot register you as having moved out of the country until they have been notified by the national register in the municipality to which you have moved that you are now registered there.

When you relocate between the Nordic countries, you are covered by an inter-Nordic national register agreement, which means that you only need to be registered in one place in the Nordic region.

Notify the postal service

If you are moving abroad, you can ask PostNord to forward your post to your new address for six months. PostNord does not forward newspapers, magazines, magazines or packages abroad.


You must inform the Danish Tax and Customs Administration (SKAT) that you have moved abroad. You can read more about this on SKAT's website.

Social security and health insurance

If you move abroad to work and no longer have an address in Denmark, you will not be registered in the national register.

This cancels your social security in Denmark, and you must submit your health card to the municipality. You will not be covered by social insurance during, for example, a holiday in Denmark.

Denmark has entered into a social security agreement with the other Nordic countries, the EEA and a number of other countries.

Unemployment insurance funds and benefits

If you are moving from Denmark to another Nordic country, you can take your accumulated unemployment benefit rights with you.

If you have been a member of a Danish unemployment insurance fund, you can transfer the Danish insurance and employment periods to the unemployment insurance of another Nordic country.

The period for which you were insured with a Danish unemployment fund will be included in the calculation of when you are entitled to unemployment benefit in the other Nordic country.

If you wish to include your insurance and employment periods in unemployment insurance in another EEA country, you must have a certificate for these. This certificate is issued by the unemployment insurance fund (A-kasse), and is known as PD U1. You must use the EEA 4 form to apply for the certificate.


If you move abroad and have a car, you can often obtain a refund for part of the Danish registration fee. You can read more about this on the website of the Danish Tax and Customs Administration (SKAT).

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