Language courses for people moving to Sweden

Mand læser bog i tog
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Read about learning Swedish in Sweden, and about courses in Danish, Finnish, Icelandic and Norwegian.

If you move to Sweden

You are entitled to study Swedish for Immigrants (Svenska för invandrare, SFI), if you

  • are registered in a municipality in Sweden.
  • are at least 16.
  • lack basic proficiency in the Swedish language.

Swedish for Immigrants gives you basic proficiency in the Swedish language and knowledge about Swedish society.

Basic proficiency in Danish and Norwegian are equivalent to basic proficiency in the Swedish language.

You can apply for an SFI course in the municipality in which you are registered. Visit the municipality and apply in person.

If you work in Sweden and live in Finland

If you are a Finnish citizen and live in Finland, but work in Sweden and lack basic proficiency in Swedish, you are entitled to Swedish tuition in the municipality in which you work. You are entitled to this from the second half of the year in which you turn 16.

Contact your municipality for further information about what courses are available.

SFI courses

SFI courses are divided into several levels. The level at which you should study is determined by your educational background and a test.

Study option 1: Course A-B is for you if you have no or incomplete education from your home country.

Study option 2: Course B-C is for you if you can study at slow or normal speed.

Study option 3: Course C-D is for you if you can study quickly, and have very good study skills and the ability to work independently.

You can be given grades after courses A, B, C and D. If you do not attain a pass grade (godkänt), a certificate is issued showing how much you know in relation to the course goals.

Courses in Nordic languages

If you want to study Swedish or Danish, Finnish, Norwegian and Icelandic in Sweden, you can contact any of the ten adult education organisations, any of Sweden’s universities and folk high schools, private education providers, or your municipality for more precise information about what courses they offer.

Some adult education organisations also offer Swedish courses aimed at people who can speak fluent Danish or Norwegian.

Mother tongue teaching and Swedish courses for children
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