Þetta innihald er ekki til á því tungumáli sem þú hefur valið, því sýnum við innihaldið á Enska.

Mouth to Mouth

A family lives on the verge of collapse since Vera, the eldest daughter, ran away from home a year ago. Each family member carries some responsibility, but the heaviest burden falls on Mats, the father. Vera lives with Morgan, an older criminal who ruthlessly misuses her vulnerability. Mats tries to make contact with Vera, who refuses to have anything to do with her family. As Vera's 18th birthday approaches Mats becomes increasingly desperate to bring his daughter home.

'Mouth to Mouth' is a film about survival and breaking free. When life provides a second chance and love is greater than hate.

Screenwriter & Director: Björn Runge

'Mouth to Mouth' is Björn Runges third feature-length film His previous film, 'Daybreak' (2003), was one of the most highly acclaimed films of the year and won four Golden Bugs, Swedish Academy Awards, including Best Screenplay and Best Director.

It also won the Berlin Silver Bear and the Blue Angel at the Berlin Film Festival and has been awarded with many honours at film festivals around the world.

Producer: Clas Gunnarsson

"I think that Björn has written and directed a film which rubs the wrong way. It is a film which places demands on its audience, a film which is pushy in many ways but at the same time deeply sincere and honest. He manages to reach us where we are with themes, characters and dialogues which are self-evident and very contemporary. It is damned stimulating to work with Björn!"

Director and Scriptwriter: Björn Runge

Producer: Clas Gunnarsson

Cinematographer: Anders Bohman, FSF

Editor: Lena Dahlberg, FSK

Production Design: Peter Bävman

Make-up: Anna-Lena Melin

Costume Designer: Katja Watkins 

Sound: Søren Bjerregaard

Music: Tobias Hylander

Principal cast: Marie Richardson, Peter Andersson, Sofia Westberg, Magnus Krepper, Magdalena Jansson, Anton Jarlos Gry, Pernilla August, Ann Petrén, Marie Göranzon, Anna Petterson, Camilla Larsson, Liv Omsén, Ingvar Hirdvall, Leif Andrée, Fyr Thorwald.