Facts about Greenland

Silje Bergum Kinsten/norden.org
The inhabitants of Greenland originate from Central Asia. The country is part of the North American continent, but geopolitically the island is part of Europe.

Greenland is the world's largest island and almost eighty per cent of this self-governed area is covered by an ice cap and many glaciers. The ice-free area is still almost as large as the whole of Sweden but only a very small part of this is arable land.

Greenland has less than 57,000 inhabitants of whom about 18,000 live in the capital Nuuk.

Greenland is part of the kingdom of Denmark but has a great degree of self-government, which will be further expanded in 2009. This does, however, not include affairs of state which include foreign and security policy and foreign exchange policy.

Greenland is not a member of the EU, but has a special fisheries agreement and was accepted as one of the overseas countries and territories with special association with the EU.

Sealing and whaling, fishing and hunting are the predominant sources of income in Greenland. The country also has a growing income from tourism as well as some mining.

Per capita GDP is about € 25,000 (2006).

Total area: 2,166,086 km2

Inland ice and glaciers: 1,755,637 km2

Ice-free area: 410,449 km2

Highest point: Gunnbjørn's Fjeld 3,693 m

Coast line: 44,087 km

National borders: 0 km

Forests: 1 km2

Precipitation (2006): Aasiaat 352 mm, Tasiilaq 742 mm

Population 1st January 2014: 56 282 inh.

Population density in the ice-free area 01.01.14: 0.14 pop./km2

Population, capital city 1 January 2014: Nuuk 18 000 (1)

National day: 21. June (Longest day)

Form of government: Self Government - within the kingdom of Denmark

Parliament: Inatsisartut or Landstinget (31 seats)

Membership of the EU: From 1st January 1973 to 1st February 1985

Membership of NATO: From 1949 (due to the Danish membership)

Head of State: Queen Margrethe II

Head of government (as at October 2009): Kim Kielsen (Inuit Ataqatigiit, Independence Party)

Currency: Danish crown (DKK)

Official website    http://dk.nanoq.gl/

Official language: Greenlandic

1) Sermersooq municipality