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HELSINKI: The economy - tool or goal?

12.11.21 | Tapahtuma
Choosing green nordic perspectives
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What changes in the economy are needed to realize the Paris Agreement?


09:00 - 11:00

Nordisk kulturkontakt
Kajsaniemenkatu 9
00170 Helsinki


With the Paris Agreement, the countries of the world have committed themselves to limit global warming to stay well below 2 degrees, preferably at 1.5 degrees. To achieve this, the use of fossil fuels needs to almost cease. What does this mean for the economy? Does the economy need to be a tool instead of the goal? What are we going to measure? In the conversation, the guests discuss the path to a fossil free economy that not only minimizes the damage of its activity but instead contributes to a sustainable world.



  • Peter Buchert, Journalist


  • Alfons Röblom, Mininster of development Government of Åland
  • Ella Turta, The Secretary General at ReGeneration 2030
  • Tuuli Hietaniemi, Expert in sustainable solutions at Sitra
  • Anna Häger, Ambassador for European Climate Pact and Citizen Engagement Manager at Flexens Oy Ab


Organizer: Ålands landskapsregering-Government of Åland

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