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Declaration of the Nordic Council of Ministers – Energy

26.05.20 | Deklaration
Read the decleration of the Nordic Council of Ministers – Energy

In 2019, the Nordic prime ministers presented a common Nordic vision to make the Nordic Region the most sustainable and integrated region in the world by 2030.  A specific priority in the Nordic cooperation will be “A green Nordic region” - to promote a green transition of the Nordic societies and work towards carbon neutrality and a sustainable circular and bio-based economy.

The ambition of a sustainable energy system in the Nordic region will be crucial to the green transition and carbon neutrality. Accordingly, the energy cooperation will receive a larger share of the Nordic Council of Ministers’ budget in the coming years. The Nordic energy ministers acknowledge this opportunity to step up the green transition on energy even further. In the light of Covid 19, the Nordic energy ministers will focus the cooperation on the green transition even more on initiatives that support economic recovery.

Succeeding with the green energy transition requires a fundamental increase in electrification. Decarbonisation of other sectors strongly rests upon the existence of reliant, sustainable and affordable electricity supply. Nordic cooperation on the electricity system, grid infrastructure and electricity market is pivotal in the next stages of the green transition. 

For decades, the Nordic region has been cooperating in the energy field. This has resulted in one of the world's most integrated electricity markets with a joint Nordic electricity exchange and system coordination. This allows us to benefit from synergy effects with our different energy resources. The common Nordic electricity market has even inspired the European internal energy market. In addition, we are at the forefront of the conversion to renewable energy. 

Today the Nordic Energy Ministers have laid the lines for our work with realizing the Nordic vision. The focus will be on initiatives where common Nordic action adds value. The green economy must be innovative, create jobs, improve competitiveness in the Nordic countries and thus contribute to the economic recovery.

The Nordic countries will work together on:

  • Integrating more renewable energy, also in sectors such as transport and industry.
  • Strengthening cooperation on offshore wind in the Baltic Sea.
  • Emphasizing a transparent, regional approach to grid infrastructure planning, taking Nordic welfare in to account. 
  • Supporting the development and implementation of common Nordic electricity market solutions to provide flexibility to the markets.
  • Enhancing efforts on energy efficiency and enabling consumer participation in energy markets. 
  • Securing energy supply in sparsely populated areas. 
  • Improving the social balance of the green transition and involvement of citizens and the private sector.
  • Raising the global profile of the Nordic positions of strength through technical solutions, and seek greater regional policy influence in EU/EØS on issues related to European Green Deal.
  • Increasing efforts in energy related research and innovation.