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Political Festival of Europe 2022

Political Festival of Europe 2021

Political Festival of Europe 2021

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Policy will be debated from a European perspective over four days in Mariager in Denmark.

The Political Festival of Europe is held every year and aims to bring European citizens together to discuss societal issues and celebrate Europe’s cultural heritage and history.


25 August 12 pm: How is war affecting regional co-operation?

The war in Ukraine is tragic and has an enormous impact on people. It is putting democratic dialogue, freedom of expression, and social and cultural co-operation under huge pressure, especially in the countries around the Baltic Sea, including the Nordic and Baltic countries.

25 August 2 pm: Women in War - How is the war in Ukraine affecting people?

Meet four women from Ukraine, Russia, the Baltic countries, and Denmark as they talk about how the war in Ukraine is affecting their lives, the lives of their families, their work, and their hopes for the future.


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Women in War series

A series of documentaries “Women in War” provide a platform for people to tell their stories - where they came from, why they came to the Nordics or Baltics, what brings them together, and, most importantly, what is the impact of war (both long-term and short-term) as well as how we all could live peacefully together. 

A story of a Russian woman in Denmark.