Sustainable Development of Food Safety

– new bearings in the Nordic countries


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The Nordic countries, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden published a strategy for sustainable developments for 2001-2004. The strategy for 2005-2008 has 10 goals and some selected indicators. The 10 goals set for 2005-2008 are : - Improved efforts for animal health and welfare in relation to food safety - Strengthen efforts against zoonoses and pathogenic microorganisms - Strengthen safe food handling and food production in industry and with consumers - Restrict the occurrence of chemical contaminants and ensure that only well-examined production aids, food additives and flavours are used - Increase knowledge and reduce the risk of natural inherent toxicants - Strengthen efforts for prevention and improve knowledge on diet-related hypersensitivity reactions - Strengthen knowledge about the relationship between diet, nutrition and health - Strengthen traceability and in-house control - Strengthen scientific knowledge of food safety - Strengthen consumer knowledge The goals for sustainable development of food safety are listed from farm to fork". All of the steps and areas are important for food safety and consumer protection. Initiatives are needed in all areas. Many of the goals are linked and initiatives in one area may then have an effect on risks in other areas. The indicators selected are chosen to measure the effect of initiatives towards an agreed goal or sub-goal in the strategy. Indicators should be discussed and new indicators should be chosen when resources are needed in other areas. It should be emphasized that an indicator will be an excellent tool to assess the efficacy of initiatives started to achieve a goal. Conclusions from the project are: - Sustainable development in food safety is important for humanity - Focus on the crucial goals would optimize the efforts made - Selected indicators provide a tool for measurements of the result of the initiatives - Selection of indicators provides a measure for correction or change of activities
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