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People’s Festival 2022


Folkemøde menneskemængde

Mads Claus Rasmussen, Ritzau Scanpix
16 to 18 June: People’s Festival in Denmark

People’s Festival on Bornholm once again sets the framework for a political debate on a level that people can relate to. Nordic co-operation is hosting six highly relevant events as well as renowned panellists who will discuss the challenges faced in 2022, as well as Nordic solutions in relation to creating the world’s most sustainable and integrated region.

Our debates at People’s Festival 2022

16 June at 12:45: The future of sustainable building in Denmark and the Nordic Region

The challenges in the construction industry are obvious: Buildings account for about 40 percent of global CO2 emissions. Most of the construction industry’s climate impact comes from building materials, construction, and demolition. The good news is that something can be done about it! 

Where: Danchell’s tent (A38)

17 June at 12:45: Nordic educational opportunities without borders

Although there have been good opportunities to study in the neighbouring countries in the Nordic Region, COVID-19 has shown us that the open and borderless Nordic Region isn’t always so borderless. How can politicians ensure that young people have the confidence that they can study in the neighbouring countries in the future without the barriers going up again? And what benefits does the opportunity for young people to study in the other Nordic countries offer individual young people and society as a whole?

Where: Kæmpestranden’s debate tent (J5) + LIVESTREAM

17 June at 17:45: Refugees in the labour market

Unlike most others, the Bornholm municipality is actively involved in efforts to accept more refugees than it is obliged to under the quota system. What’s behind this approach? What benefits does it offer? Are there any dilemmas? Can this inspire others in Denmark and in the Nordic Region? And what can we learn from our neighbours? 

Where: Ydermolen’s debate tent (G8)

18 June at 10:15: Civil society and sustainable consumption

Text in preparation.

Where: Kæmpestranden’s debate tent (J5)

18 June at 11:30: I’m lonely, mum

Too many young people in Denmark and in the Nordic Region struggle with psychological challenges. This affects their well-being, can lead to isolation, and ultimately some young people choose to take their own lives. Starting with young people’s real-life stories, we need to discuss why it can go so wrong and what we can do about it.

Where: Ydermolen’s debate tent (G8)

18 June at 16:30: Should we prioritise the energy and climate crisis, or the biodiversity crisis?

In order for the Nordic Region to become the most sustainable region in the world, we must become independent of coal, oil, and gas, and completely adapt to using wind or solar energy instead. However, a major expansion of offshore wind farms will put pressure on nature. How can Denmark and the Nordic Region solve both crises at the same time?

Where: The Smokehouse’s debate tent (F13)