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Almedalen Week 2023

27.06.23 | Viðburður

Almedalsveckan, parken

Malin Ericsson
The Nordic tent at Almedalen Week 2023 will be open 27–28 June. It will showcase much of what the Nordic Council of Ministers is doing to achieve the goals outlined in Vision 2030.


27.06 - 01.07.2023
09:00 - 18:00



The tech giants and the threat to democracy, the Arctic and climate change, a Nordic Region without borders, the new Nordic Nutrition Recommendations and the heated debate about them, Nordic green start-ups and a fair green transition.

These are just some of the topics that will be discussed in the Nordic tent during Almedalen Week 2023. The tent will be open 27–28 June and will showcase much of what the Nordic Council of Ministers is doing to achieve the goals outlined in Vision 2030.

As in previous years, the final event will be the Nordic Council’s defence and security debate.

Our debates during Almedalen Week 2023

27 June at 17:00: What kind of venture capital model would lead to an even better Nordic Region?

How can venture capital have a positive effect on Nordic society? Can it contribute to innovation, job creation, the green transition and gender equality in the Nordic Region? 

28 June at 9:00: The tech giants are taking over – what can we do to preserve democratic debate? 

The global tech giants are increasingly taking centre stage in public debate. Do they have too much power, and are they a threat to democratic debate? And how should we tackle the challenges they pose? 

28 June at 10:00: Acute labour shortages – are migrants the solution?

Labour shortages, skills shortages. The problem is quite similar in all of the Nordic countries. But perhaps there is a solution, an untapped resource, i.e. that employers should dare to give jobs to the large group of people born elsewhere. How can we match demand and supply? 

28 June at 11:00: Take a breathtaking trip to the Arctic with VR glasses

In 2021, the Norwegian expedition Barba sailed to Svalbard to document the consequences of an increasingly warmer climate in the Arctic. Now you have the chance to experience the journey of the expedition using VR glasses and talk to one of the expedition members.

28 June at 12:00: The Arctic is melting – how do we reverse the trend?

In 2021, a Norwegian expedition sailed to Svalbard to document the effects of climate change in the Arctic, where it is happening faster than anywhere else. The question is, what can we do to slow it down? 

28 June at 13:00: The green transition is for all of us – but how do we make it fair for everyone?

The green transition should be fair and not hit some groups harder than others. But how do we go about achieving that in practice? Is it rural versus urban, young versus old, rich versus poor? Are there differences between the Nordic countries? And what do we need to do to find fair solutions? 

28 June at 14:00: Wind power is controversial in the Nordic Region – why and how do we untie the knots?

What is driving the expansion of wind power in the Nordic Region? National policy, the EU or Nordic energy co-operation? What are the political choices, and what are the differences between the countries’ debates about wind power? 

28 June at 15:00: Food for health and the climate – do the new Nordic Nutrition Recommendations hit the spot?

28 June at 16:00: The borderless Nordic Region – a utopia?

Border controls in the Nordic Region and complicated bureaucracy when working and studying in another Nordic country. Do we just need to get used to them? Or what can we do to keep the Nordic Region open? 

28 June at 17:00: The Nordic Region in NATO – are future peace and security assured?

Will peace and security be guaranteed for all in the Nordic Region when all of our countries are in NATO? And for how long can we feel safe?