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Carbon neutrality: The role of municipalities and regions

11.10.22 | Begivenheder
How can we create engagement and acceptance at the civil society and municipalities for sustainable future?


09:00 - 11:30



The topic for this seminar is about how to create commitment and acceptance for measures that leads to the climate goals in a municipality or region. There is often a fundamentally positive attitude towards reduced climate impact among the population and among the political community, but when concrete measures are to be presented, objections and sometimes outright opposition may appear.  

In the seminar, we address aspects and examples of dialogue processes and other communication, when, how and where they can be conducted and how visions can be conveyed. Building confidence that measures implemented are effective and that views and suggestions have been taken into account is an important prerequisite.

The seminar is digital and free of charge. Organizing partners/project are IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute, the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency and the Nordic Council of Ministers.