PFAS in paper and board for food contact

Options for risk management of poly- and perfluorinated substances


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Poly- and perfluorinated alkyl substances (PFAS) are used in paper and board food contact materials (FCMs) and they have been found to be highly persistent, bioaccumulative and toxic. The purpose of the Nordic workshop and of this report is to:* create an overview of the use of PFAS in FCMs of paper and board and of the toxicity and migration into food of the various substances* provide an overview of whether appropriate risk assessments for fluorinated substances exist as a basis for specific regulations or recommendations* provide an overview of whether analytical methods suitable for analysing and regulating the substances are available* discuss the possibility and structure of national regulations or Nordic recommendations for PFAS in FCMs of paper and board. Risk management to reduce the total content of organically bound fluorine in paper and board FCMs is supported.The given report is published in continuation of a Nordic workshop on January  28th -29th 2015 on poly- and perfluorinated substances (PFAS) in food contact materials. Representatives from EU MS countries, US FDA, Canada and China, as well as manufacturers, retailers, compliance testing laboratories and academia were present in the workshop and contributed to the report.
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