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Solutions Menu

Cover of the Solutions Menu publication
Collecting and curating Nordic Food Policy Solutions

Solutions Menu: A Nordic guide to sustainable food policy

For the first time, the most innovative food policy solutions in the Nordic Region are being collated in a single document. Our Solutions Menu covers nutrition, food culture and identity, public food and meals, food waste and sustainable diets. It includes 24 policy examples – from local level to Nordic level – designed to trigger new conversations and inspire new policies in other parts of the world. Each solution represents a tangible step to address a specific issue; together they represent a new and holistic approach to food policy. They are also testament to the fact that soft policies can deliver solutions and play a significant role in pursuing ambitious national and international goals. 

Editor-in-chief: Afton Halloran
Editors: Mads Frederik Fischer-Møller, Marie Persson and Elisabet Skylare

The Solutions Menu was launched at EAT Stockholm Food Forum in June 2018