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Work-life balance the Nordic way

Equal opportunities and a good work-life balance are not just a matter of rights – they are good for the economy. Promoting gender equality has helped generate prosperity in the Nordic countries. Affordable childcare, education and parental leave for both mothers and fathers have enhanced well-being and triggered economic growth. Meet six people who are balancing their lives – at home and at work.

Diversity in leadership

Only 7% of the largest companies in Norway are led by women CEOs. Loveleen challenges companies to smash the glass ceiling, achieve gender equality and reap the benefits. This is #NordicEquality

The gender wage gap

Marianne has a medium cycle higher education and works in one of the world’s most gender equal countries. But still, she loses almost 5.000 Euros every year just because she is a woman. Shared parental leave is the key to solving the gender wage gap. And it is good for the children!

Flexibility at work

Finland, Denmark and Sweden have the highest share of Nordic companies offering flexible working hours. Mårten strikes a good balance between work and time with his three kids.


92% of Nordic 4-year-old kids are in day care, and the vast majority of women work. Neleah thinks affordable and quality childcare is one of the best things about living in a Nordic country.  

Parental leave

Swedish parents are entitled to 480 days of paid parental leave. More and more Nordic fathers are taking paternity leave to care for their kids – but few do like Silva. 

The Gender pay gap

In Sweden, women’s average retirement savings are two-thirds the size of men’s. The gender pay gap and the lack of shared responsibilities at home is why Gunilla finds it hard to make ends meet in retirement.

I Sverige udgør kvindernes gennemsnitlige pensionsopsparing to tredjedele af mændenes. Løngabet mellem kønnene, og at opgaverne ikke er ligeligt fordelt derhjemme, er årsagen til at Gunilla har svært ved at få enderne til at mødes som pensionist. Dette er #NordicEquality