Session of the Nordic Council 2023

30.10.23 | Event
Johannes Jansson/
The Nordic Council will hold its 75th Session from 30 October to 2 November 2023 in the Norwegian parliament in Oslo. The priorities for the Norwegian presidency are a secure, green and young Nordic Region.


30.10 - 02.11.2023
09:00 AM - 06:00 PM



The Session is the highest decision-making body for Nordic parliamentary co-operation. It is a unique form of regional co-operation because it is attended by MPs selected by their national parliaments as well as government ministers.

They all take part in discussions of matters important to Nordic co-operation, but only the MPs have voting rights.

Guests and MPs from other international and Nordic organisations can participate in some of the discussions.

Preliminary programme (draft – to be updated):

Monday 30 October

09:00–18:00   Registration and information

10:00–15:45 Party group and executive meetings

16:00–17:00    The Election Committee

16:00–17:00    Meeting between the Freedom of Movement Group and the Freedom of Movement Council

17:00–18:00    The Control Committee

19:00               Party group dinners

Tuesday 31 October

07:30–             Registration and information

08:00–08:45    Option of holding other meetings

08:00–08:45    Presidium meeting with the West Nordic Council

09:00–11:45     Presidium and committee meetings

10:45–11:30     Presidium meeting with the Ministers for Co-operation (MR-SAM)

12:00–13:30 Lunch reception for members of the Nordic Council, the speakers of the Nordic parliaments, prime ministers, foreign ministers and ministers for co-operation

14:00–17:00     Plenary session

  • Opening of the Session
  • Nordic Summit with the prime ministers and heads of government
  • International guest speaker
  • Presentation of the programme for the presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers 2024

17:00–17:30 Celebrating the 10th anniversary of NordForsk’s Nordic societal security programme

18:15–19:15 Access to the Opera House for the Nordic Council prize ceremony (doors close at 19:15)

19:30–20:30    Nordic Council awards ceremony

20:30–22:00 Government reception at the Opera House

Wednesday 1 November

07:30–             Registration and information

08:00–08:45 Option of holding other meetings

08:00–08:45  Presidium meeting with the prime ministers and heads of government

09:00–11:45     Plenary session

  • Report by the ministers for foreign affairs
  • Member’s proposal on foreign policy
  • Report by the ministers for defence

12:15–13:15       Presidium meeting with the ministers for foreign affairs

12:15–13:15       Option for consultative meetings between Nordic Council committees and ministers

13:30–17:00     Plenary session

  • Plenary session 
  • Question time with the ministers for co-operation
  • Reports from the ministers for co-operation
  • Nordic Council of Ministers’ budget
  • Report on the Nordic Council of Ministers’ work with children and young people
  • Report on the Nordic Council of Ministers’ work on gender equality in 2023
  • Report on the Nordic Council of Ministers’ international co-operation
  • International guest speakers

17:30–19:00 Young people, climate and the environment (fringe event)

20:00              Embassy receptions

Thursday 2 November

07:30–             Registration and information

07:45–08:15 Option of holding other meetings

08:30–11:30    Plenary session

  • Report on Nordic co-operation on social issues and health
  • Report by the Council for Nordic Co-operation on Disability
  • Report on research policy
  • Debate on members’ proposals

12:30–15:00     Plenary session

  • Debate on members’ proposals
  • Presentation of the programme for the Icelandic presidency 2024, election of President and Vice President