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Helsinki 08.11.2021: Energy and water

river flowing
Anna Nygård
Energy is a main theme of COP26 and at the core of all climate discussions. The Nordic countries are at the forefront of a wide range of energy and water-smart solutions and we will share some of them with you on this day.

Organizers: Nordic Energy Research, Nordic Innovation


All times are EET.

10.15 - 11.00: Nordic Sustainable Aviation – skymiles ahead?

JOINT EVENT (Helsinki - Glasgow)

Organizers: Nordic Energy Research and Nordic Innovation

The Nordic countries have ambitious plans to reduce the carbon footprint of flying. All Nordic countries about to get blend-in requirements for sustainable aviation fuels. In addition,  use of electric aircrafts - either batteries or hydrogen/fuel cells - are considered by several countries and airline companies. At the same time, the introduction of electrical and sustainable aviation has positive effects far beyond the decarbonising agenda. 

11.15 - 12.00: Fit for 2055? En route to decarbonising the maritime sector - Turning a cargo ship

JOINT EVENT (Helsinki - Glasgow)

Organizers: Nordic Energy Research (NER) and Nordic Innovation

The maritime sector has an obligation to cut emissions. Are the maritime sector prepared for this quantum leap? What are the supporting routes to decarbonizing the industry? What are the concrete projects and measures currently being implemented in the Nordic region?

12.15 - 13.00: SÓLIN - Icelandic Environmentalists' youth led initiative to create political pressure

Organizers: Aðalbjörg Egilsdóttir and Sigrún Perla Gísladóttir / Others involved: The Icelandic Youth Environmental Association

In correlation with the newly concluded parliamentary elections in Iceland, youth environmentalists developed SÓLIN, a comprehensive grading system to evaluate policies of the running parties. 

13.30 - 14.30: Water Management in Future Nordic Cities

Organizer: Nordic Innovation

The Nordics are strong in water-efficient, smart technologies and advanced in utilizing them for circularity, energy withdrawal and resource efficiency, but we are still far from closed water loops and face several challenges, for instance related to increased storm water. Nordic Innovation invites you to discuss the vision of Nordics as the world’s most water-smart region.

14.45 - 15.15: Live from Glasgow - Insights from the Emissions Gap Report 2021

We are streaming live from Glasgow.

Organizer: UNEP DTU Partnership

What is the impact of the new climate pledges for 2030 on global emissions? Are G20 members on a clear path towards their net-zero targets? What are the global warming implications? Join us for a presentation and discussion of the key findings of the new UNEP Emissions Gap Report 2021.

15.15 - 16.00: Live from Glasgow - Let's talk about adaptation!

We are streaming live from Glasgow.

Organizer: Nordic Development Fund

In this participatory event we get down to the roots of climate change adaptation. Which solutions would work best in the developing countries? What are the main obstacles? How can we find the way around them? 

16.00 - 17.15: Get matchmade while discussing the challenges our societies face

Organizer: Norders

Most societal challenges require multistakeholder collaboration. Therefore, Norders brings together various stakeholders ranging from the grassroots to companies to get matchmade while discussing the challenges of our generation.


All events will be streamed by We Don’t Have Time and some events will be shown in the NCM channels on YouTube and Facebook.