Vulnerable Marine Ecosystems (VMEs)

Applying management tools to measure human impacts on Arctic and sub-Arctic Vulnerable Marine Ecosystems


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In NovasArc I spatial distribution of VMEs within the sub-arctic waters were predicted. NovasArc II updated the predictions with new observations to produce spatially estimates of the predictive uncertainty and the outputs of the earlier models were updated and validated. We discuss how the model output could be used in the development of criteria and indicators relevant to management of benthic habitats including the Good Environmental Status descriptors 1 and 6 in the MSFD, and the OSPAR common indicator “Physical damage of predominant and special habitats”. Also we explore the relevance of our results against the Performance Indicator Scores used in the certification requirements for Marine Stewardship Council. The results were discussed with stakeholders to exchange experiences and views regarding best practices for sustainable fisheries in light of management goals.
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