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WEBINAR: Towards a fossil-free future – are the Nordic solutions the right way to go?

02.03.21 | Arrangement
flickor klimatdemonstrerar
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The Nordic Council will engage in a dialogue with the European Parliament, the Commission and government representatives on energy issues which are of high importance in achieving a transition to a sustainable society.


10:00 - 12:00


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The aim of the debates is to try to further elaborate ways to move forward with the transition to fossil-free energy supply and the development of cross-border electricity markets. What concrete measures should be taken next? The discussions will focus on the EU Green Deal, the EU energy strategies, how Europe can reduce its climate emissions by 55%, and Nordic experiences with the energy transformation.

The programme will continously be updated.

Programme (all times are CET)

10:00 Introduction by the Moderator

          Mette Walsted Vestergaard



          Ketil Kjenseth

          Chair of the Nordic Council Committee for a Sustainable Nordic Region

          Morten Petersen

          Vice-chair of the ITRE committee, European Parliament

Session on the transition to fossil-free energy supply 

Fossil fuels still make up the greater part of energy consumption. To limit climate change and to power Europe sustainably, we must drastically accelerate the transformation of our energy systems from black to green. Both the EU and the Nordic countries have set ambitious targets for reducing greenhouse gasses in line with the obligations in the Paris agreement. However, the steps needed to ensure the targets are met have yet to be determined. Is the current energy transition towards renewable energy bringing about a reduction in CO2 emissions, or is it simply expanding the overall amount of energy that is produced? What are the most effective policy instruments for reducing fossil fuels?

10.15 Overview of EU climate and energy policy initiatives

          Jytte Guteland

          Member of ENVI Committee, European Parliament 

10.20 Energy policies as effective instruments in the transformation towards fossil-free energy sources

          Simon-Erik Ollus

          Vice-President, Trading & Asset Optimisation, Fortum

10.25 Why transforming the energy sources is good for the economy

          Cecilie Tenfjord-Toftby

          Member of the Nordic Council

10:30 Making EU’s energy policy ‘Fit for 55’

          Kadri Simson

          EU Commissioner for Energy

10.40 Panel debate with the speakers

          Questions from Nordic Parliamentarians, MEPs and the audience

Session on development of cross-border electricity markets

Renewable energy deployment requires the internal energy market to be further integrated, through enhanced interconnectivity among member states and infrastructures, as well as grid development and storage solutions. This can only be achieved through cross-border cooperation and projects, which require a high level of investor security. For some 25 years the Nordic Region has been successful in developing an integrated electricity market which could serve as inspiration for the wider Europe.

11.00 What can we learn from the development of the Nordic electricity market?

          Pyry Niemi

          Chair of the Nordic Council Committee for Growth and Development

11.05 Towards sustainable energy supply - from a Nordic perspective

          Paula Lehtomäki

          Secretary General, Nordic Conucil of Ministers

11.15 Smart Grid energy strategies in Europe

           Håkon Borgen

          Chair of Development, Research and Innovation Committee, ENTSO-E

11.25 Panel debate with the speakers

          Questions from Nordic Parliamentarians, MEPs and the audience

11:55 Final reflections on the webinar

          Henna Virkkunen

          Member of ITRE committee, European Parliament

12:00 Close by the Moderator