Nordic Conference on Future of Work

Towards the ILO Centenary


In connection to the 100th anniversary of the ILO in 2019, the Nordic Council of Ministers arranged a conference to debate the future of work in the Nordics. The event was held on the 4th-5th of April in Reykjavik and was the last in a series of four annual conferences. The debates centered on the changing labour market and whether the Nordic model will be able to adapt to this. The conference lasted two days, each with a particular theme:1) Future of Work – where the future of the Nordic model was discussed2) Gender Equality – where the debate revolved around the challenges and solutions regarding the inequalities between men and women on the labour market.The programme included perspectives from all the Nordic countries, as well as from international organisations such as the ILO and the OECD, international companies, Nordic labour market authorities, social partners and companies.