Þetta innihald er ekki til á því tungumáli sem þú hefur valið, því sýnum við innihaldið á Enska.

Mother of Mine

'Mother of Mine' is the story about a little boy's plight in the shadow of war. In war-torn Finland 9-year-old Eero´s father leaves for the front.

His father promised Eero that once the war was over nothing would ever be the same again. Shortly after the outbreak of war sad news from the front causes his mother to break down.

The grieving widow Kirsti cannot take care of her son and sends Eero to Sweden, for his safety and well-being. His mother promises that the move is for Eero's own best, but Eero has difficulty understanding it. The journey to an unknown country and a new family begins.

During the Second World War over 70,000 war children were sent from Finland to Sweden. The story is freely based on a novel of the same name by Heikki Hietamies.


Historical drama


Klaus Härö


Ilkka Matila, MRP Matila Röhr Productions Oy


Jarkko T. Laine


Kirka Sainio


Darek Hodor


Tuomas Kantelinen

Production Design:

Cian Bornebusch


Anna Svärendahl

Release date:

Autumn 2005


111 min


OmegaFilm AB / Lennart Dunér and Peter Kropenin, Film in Skåne / Ralf Ivarsson


Columbia Tristar Nordisk Film Distributors Oy

Film screenplay by Jimmy Karlsson and Kirsi Vikman. The screenplay is taken freely from the novel 'Mother of Mine' written by Heikki Hietamies and an earlier screenplay by Veikko Aaltonen.