Towards Sustainable Revolution

Nordic Mobility in the Post-COVID-19 Era


What happens to Nordic mobility in a world of pandemic, lockdown, isolation, home offices and social distancing? Has the pandemic led us closer to a greener future, seeing that behavioural patterns may change almost overnight and automatically reducing our carbon footprints? Do Nordic businesses see new opportunities on the post-pandemic horizon, and what can be said about the role of Nordic cooperation in times of recovery and change?Changing frameworks such as the current pandemic, but also the climate crisis and technological advancements are creating both a great need and new possibilities for innovation. For these reasons, Nordic Innovation developed the Nordic Smart Mobility and Connectivity program that aims to help develop a more sustainable, integrated and connected transport system Nordic region while generating opportunities for Nordic businesses.We can now see that despite the sudden lockdowns, goods are still being transported across the globe and even the odd traveller, the infrastructure, is still in place and operating. The current pandemic has made us realize that without our mobility systems we would be much worse off. We also know that the pandemic is not here to stay, and that there are huge efforts being made across the Nordic countries to make something good and positive come out of the crisis.To showcase these efforts and to highlight the possibilities that collaboration across Nordic countries can bring, nine Nordic mobility projects co-financed by Nordic Innovation share their thoughts on the near future and their relevance in the post-pandemic era.