A web-based tool to calculate energy savings of ecodesign and energy labelling policies in the Nordic countries


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In this project, a tool was developed to calculate savings from ecodesign and energy labelling policy in the Nordic countries, and a "snapshot" calculation was done. Two different calculation methods were used, and both are implemented on the online platform Nordcrawl where assumption and input data can be changed to produce alternative calculations. In the top-down method, estimated EU savings are scaled-down, using suitable product specific scales, for the Nordics. In the bottom-up method, actual savings are estimated using sales data. The study shows large savings from ecodesign and energy labelling in the Nordic countries. The top-down calculations estimate yearly primary energy savings 2030 (final electricity savings in parenthesis) of about 52 TWh (12) for Denmark, 63 TWh (28) for Sweden, 43 TWh (19) for Norway, 84 TWh (21) for Finland, and 4 TWh (2) for Iceland. 
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