Climate, Gender and Consumption

A research overview of gender perspectives on sustainable lifestyles


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Responsible production and consumption, Goal 12 of the 2030 Agenda, has been identified as one of the areas where the Nordic countries face the biggest challenges in their sustainable development work. The international research on the environmental impact of individuals’ consumption patterns shows that factors such as sex, income and ethnicity have great explanatory value, and that inequalities per se, leads to increased emissions from consumption.In the project “Sustainability, lifestyles, and consumption from a gender perspective” within the Sustainable lifestyles in the Nordic region programme, NIKK has produced a research overview that reveals and challenges gender stereotypes in relation to consumption and lifestyles relation to 1) Food, 2) Housing and energy, 3) Clothing and consumer goods, 4) Transport, 5) Work and time use, 6) Culture and tourism, 7) Activism and influence.
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