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Almedalen Week 2022: The Nordic Region in the time of migration – challenges and new perspectives

04.07.22 | Viðburður
Mads Claus Rasmussen, Ritzau Scanpix
How should we understand future migration challenges? What long-term perspectives should today’s politicians and decision-makers adopt?


14:00 - 14:45

Strandvägen 4
Strands veranda
Wisby Strand

Debate meeting

Today, the migration policy debate is dominated by the refugee situation caused by the war in Ukraine. But migration is increasingly also a security policy issue, where forced migration is used to exert pressure in conflicts, and as a weapon in hybrid warfare.

At the same time, we know that climate change will drive more and more people to move. Furthermore, we live on a continent and in a part of the world with an ageing population, and so migration from other parts of the world is becoming an increasingly important piece of the puzzle in managing the supply of skills.

The way in which labour mobility between the Nordic countries is to be facilitated and promoted was a theme for this year’s edition of the State of the Nordic Region.

Join us for a conversation with the UN High Commissioner for Refugees and migration policy experts from three of Sweden’s most important think tanks. The discussion begins with the reflections of a refugee from war-torn Ukraine.


  • Henrik M. Nordentoft, Regional Representative, UNHCR Representation for the Nordic and Baltic Countries
  • Lisa Pelling, political scientist and head of the Arena Idé think tank
  • Tove Hovemyr, social policy expert at the Fores think tank
  • Patrik Oksanen, Senior fellow for the Fri Värld think tank and security policy advisor at Fores
  • Larysa Vakoliuk, a refugee from Ukraine

Moderator: Helena Lagercrantz, head of communications, Nordic co-operation on integration