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Rethinking with Bioeconomy

06.12.18 | Evenemang
Rethinking with Bioeconomy
The summer of 2018 and the extreme weather events had major implications on agriculture and forestry in the Nordics and beyond. Simultaneously, agriculture and the energy sector are major contributors to CO2 emissions while land-use constitutes a key issue in many areas of the world. These changing patterns challenge our current systems and environments and in order to meet these challenges, new and more resilient and adaptive societies are required.


09:30 - 16:45


9:30 - 10:00 Morning Talk with Lene Lange

Lene Lange, Professor & founder of LLa Bioeconomy 

10:15- 11:30 From Emergency Slaughter to Svalbard Global Seed Vault – How can a Broad Genetic Diversity Provide Solutions for Climate Change?

NordGen arranges a talk that takes off in the extreme weather events in Scandinavia and Finland last summer. We discuss how genetic resources can offer solutions for adapting food production to climate change and give examples of how crops have developed through the years. We also give you a unique insight to the international cooperation in the field and how Svalbard Global Seed Vault serves as insurance for food safety in the world.


12:15 - 14:15 Climate Change and the Emerging Bioeconomy

The global population looks set to reach nine billion in 2050 which according to the UN will necessitate a 50% increase in both food and energy production. How can we ensure that this increase will be sustainable? This session will investigate the management of renewable biological resources and their conversion into food, livestock feed, bio-based products and bioenergy. The bio-economy integrates many solutions for a future that is more sustainable. This can include better utilization of industrial by-products, innovative products from existing resources, and even the cultivation of new resources like algae and seaweed. EIT Climate-KIC and The Nordic Council of Ministers have been actively promoting the transition to the bio-economy for several years and during this session, we will explore how and with whom the process should be continued and accelerated.

Nordic Councils of Ministers and Climate-KIC Nordic

14:45 - 16:00 Nordic Bioeconomy – Past, Present and Future

The Nordic Bioeconomy is diverse and shows the way towards a biobased society. But what are the roots, characteristics and future of this success story? We will discuss land use rights and multilevel governance, evidence-based decision making and look towards future action as outlined in the Nordic Bioeconomy Action Plan.


16:15 - 16:45 Afternoon Brief with Sveinn Margeirsson

Sveinn Margeirsson, CEO, Matis