Sammanställning av publikationer som producerats av den Nordiska Kemikaliegruppen inom Nordiska Ministerrådets Miljöhandlingsprogram 2013–2018


The report contains a summary of Nordic reports and other publications produced by the Nordic Chemicals Group and its subgroups under the Nordic Council of Ministers' Environmental Action Programme (MHP) for the years 2013-2018. In total 48 Nordic reports and other publications are included from the NKG work related to the 11 priority targets for chemicals in MHP 2013-2018. The reports were published by the Nordic Council of Ministers' Secretariat (NMRS) or through international organisations such as the OECD, AMAP and UNEP. Some publications have only been made online. Each of the publications is shortly presented and all summarised in Table 1 showing how the reports are distributed across the 11 priority areas for chemicals in the MHP and over the years. Annex 2 provides an overview with links to the published reports. Almost all reports and publications are available in English.