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Checklist for persons going to study in Finland

Suomeen opiskelemaan lähtevän muistilista
This checklist contains things that you should think of in good time when planning to come to Finland to study from another country.

First take a look at the Checklist for persons moving to Finland, which contains general advice on moving to Finland. You can also get information on studying in Finland and applying to study on the Study in Finland website and the Studyinfo website.

Housing situation in your place of study?

You should put in your student housing application as early as possible, even before you have confirmation of your study place.

How are studies financed?

Usually you will get student financial aid for abroad from your home country. If you come to Finland as an exchange student, ask about e.g. Nordplus grants at your school in your home country.

If you are planning to work while studying and your pay and the length of your employment exceed the minimum requirements, read carefully the section Social security when you start working in Finland. 

Will your education be recognised in your home country?

The right to practise certain professions must be validated if you get your qualification in another country. This applies especially to the health care sector and vocational qualifications.

Is your student card valid?

Foreign student cards are generally not valid in Finland. You can get some benefits in Finland with an international  ISIC student card . You can get a Finnish student card from your Finnish educational institution or its student body or assocation. 

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