Þetta innihald er ekki til á því tungumáli sem þú hefur valið, því sýnum við innihaldið á Enska.

COP26 communication toolkit

Choosing green nordic perspectives
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8 flags. 27,5 million people. 1 vision.
The Nordic countries have ambitious climate goals. We want to become the most sustainable region in the world by 2030.

Knowledge and conversation is the path to change, and we want you as event host to take part. Let's work together to spread awareness on the many Nordic solutions to the climate crisis and to engage our audience in choosing green.

In this communication toolkit you will find everything you need to create engaging content about your events: Strategy and messages, hashtags and channels as well as content (images, graphic shareables and videos) available for your own communication.

NB: The toolkit is work in progress so please visit this page for updates the coming weeks.

This is our communication strategy

Why are we taking part in COP26? Learn about the purpose, messages and key target groups for our pavilion in Glasgow as well as the Nordic COP26 Hub in Helsinki right here. 

Design and visuals

We have created a Dropbox-folder with shareables for you to use when boosting your event at the Nordic Pavilion. In the folder you will also find some videos and the Choosing Green-logo. For information on our official design guidelines, please visit our online guide.

Nordic COP26 website

We have gathered information about all events in both the pavilion in Glasgow as well as the Nordic COP26 Hub in Helsinki on Norden.org.

Nordic COP26 Hub in Helsinki

Choosing the green solutions is important. That is why you don’t have to jump on a plane to take part in the conversation about climate action. We have created a Nordic COP26 Hub in Helsinki and invite all Nordic citizens and organizations to join our events.

We have created a Facebook-event so you can invite your guests.

Live-streaming both from Glasgow and Helsinki

No accreditation for Glasgow and no time to travel to Helsinki? Don’t worry! We have partnered with the world’s leading social network for climate action, We Don’t Have Time. You can follow all our events, both from Glasgow and Helsinki, live on their platform.

Feel free to share the link to the online hub in your own channels, to give your peers the opportunity to watch your event live from their location.

Join the Facebook group "Nordic Climate Action"

The aim of the group is to discuss and share knowledge on Nordic solutions. Join the group and start the conversation.

Let us use the same hashtags

We engage our peers in conversation using the hashtags #NordicSolutions and #ChoosingGreen

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