Enriched Convenience Seafood Products


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The aim was to increase the value of ocean based raw materials, reach new seafood consumer groups and increase market share of the companies involved as a step forward for production of enriched seafood dishes for targeted consumer groups. Seafood dishes enriched with bioactive compounds from the ocean, such as seaweed, fish proteins and fish oil were developed to meet market demand. In the project the stability and bioactivity of ingredients for use in consumer products were studied and the effect of enrichment on stability and quality of the seafood products. Acceptance of the concepts and the prototypes in consumer studies in the Nordic market were studied. A communication and marketing strategy for the enriched seafood dishes was planned for the seafood processors. The fatty acid profiles of the blood of a certain group of consumers using enriched seafood dishes for period of time were measured to be able to use to calculate individual protection of persons against lifestyle diseases. This innovative seafood development project based on collaboration between a fish processing company, ingredient companies and food research institutes with emphasis on consumer oriented product development, consumer testing and marketing.